Hellish 2050




We, in Britain, may only have until the decade 2030 to 2040 before we reach the ‘point of no return’.  Thereafter, current demographic trajectories indicate that the process of Islamisation in this country will become irreversible. If Britain becomes ‘Islamised’ whilst retaining nuclear weapons, we shall constitute a major threat to other nations.

There is a binary choice to be made:  either we avoid Islamisation, or we must remove our military capability entirely. There is no obvious third option.

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  • Order a printed copy, and send it with a covering letter to your own MP. They are obliged to reply to voters in their own constituency.


  • Download the PDF, and send it via email to your own MP.

Note that for technical reasons outside my control, the filename of the PDF is long. It would be helpful if, after downloading it, you edit the name to: "Hellish2050.PDF", and then send it to your MP and to your contacts.


We must all take on a positive task, if we are to save ourselves from being forced to live in an increasingly Islamised country. The task I am requesting of you is quite small. Please do help. It has taken me many hundreds of hours to write this booklet. I am simply asking that you spend a few minutes sending it to your MP. If we all have reasons or excuses for not taking up this challenge, we will all live to regret it.

Send it to other prominent people too!


In addition, please help to spread the link to this website:

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Time is short, and the task is daunting. We must do what we can in the time available. 

This really should not be happening, but it is.


With kind regards,

Hugo Jenks