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There is an urgent need to bring the world into the 21st century. The teachings of Islam are holding humanity back.

In addition to the commands for violence and intolerance, the Koran has numerous scientific absurdities, including, for example, the belief that the sun sets into a muddy spring. When a devout Muslim was asked whether this is believed to be literally true, or instead was to be taken as a fictional story, it was stated that it must be believed literally.

And yet the sun is over a million times larger in volume than the earth. Indeed, the earth can fit inside a giant sun spot!

Clearly it is the case that the Koran cannot be trusted. Whoever guided the writing of it certainly was not all-knowing or wise.

Till, when he reached the setting-place of the sun, he found it setting in a muddy spring, and found a people thereabout. We said: O Dhu'l-Qarneyn! Either punish or show them kindness. Koran 18:86

Forcing people to believe absurdities is not good for them. It is not good for the rest of us either, who are instantly labelled "Islamophobic" if we question Islam in any way. We in Western countries are de facto being forced to go along with this craziness, or else risk our jobs or worse. The purpose of propaganda is not so much to make people believe in it, but to demoralise people and to thereby control them. This nonsense creates mental slaves of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We could choose to be free of it, if we have the will to be so.


Image credit: NASA/SDO



In the UK, even the British Army has become politically correct, and it is now impossible for a soldier to criticise Islam without censure. The photograph of a poster below became public in 2019. It has been confirmed as genuine, the poster was circulated in 2017. Censuring soldiers for expressing their concerns about Islam clearly demonstrates that those at the top of the British Army are utterly lost. Have any of them read the Koran? Do they think that the example of Mohammed - murdering Jewish prisoners, because they are Jewish, in cold blood - is acceptable? No doubt if these army officers were transported back to the 1930s they would be among those telling Winston Churchill to stop criticising Herr Hitler! There were numerous members of the pillars of society who found themselves on the wrong side of history in the 1930s. We see distinct parallels now, with the same types of people condemning those who warn against Islamofascism.









We are entering an extremely serious phase now. This is leading to the Islamisation of the whole of the UK, including all the pillars of society. An Islamised Armed Forces, retaining nuclear weapons, will be an extremely serious threat to our current friends and allies.  Since it seems impossible to reverse the Islamisation, we must therefore dismantle all military capability, and particularly the nuclear weapons. The US must immediately cease any co-operation with maintenance or upgrading of the UK nuclear weapons. Or else it seems likely that the UK will launch nuclear weapons against the USA and Israel, some decades in the future. This is serious.

I have written to the US Ambassador stating that this is serious and that there must be no more assistance with maintenance or upgrading of the UK nuclear weapons. It would be helpful if you also write to the US Embassy, making this point too:

The US Embassy

33 Nine Elms Lane, Nine Elms, London SW11 7US







I wrote to the newly appointed Secretary of State for Defence, Penny Mordaunt, pointing out the nature and severity of the threat that we face from Islam. My letter was dated 3rd May 2019. A copy of "Hellish 2050" was enclosed. Within my letter I stated:

"The prime duty of Government is of course protection of the nation. I spent many years working in the defence industry, contributing to this task.


I believe we are currently facing an unprecedented, and existential threat which I feel the need to draw your attention to, as it significantly affects Defence.


I have written to the US Ambassador asking that the USA discontinues any support for our nuclear deterrent. The reason is this: we are on an inexorable course towards the Islamisation of the UK. The Conservative Party expels any members, or advisers (such as Sir Roger Scruton) who criticise any aspect of Islam, and the Labour Party is increasingly reliant upon the Muslim vote. It seems that this is the course that the UK has set, and nobody is likely to reverse it.


It is clear that an Islamised UK armed with nuclear weapons will constitute a serious threat to our current friends and allies. Given that the ‘point of no return’ of the Islamisation of the UK is calculated to be within the decade 2030 to 2040, I believe we need to act rapidly to minimise the potential adverse effects of this on friends and allies. We need to have removed all nuclear weapons capability well before this point of no return.


I am writing to you in a logical and matter-of-fact way. This is the unfortunate reality that we find ourselves in. Under normal circumstances I would never suggest that we weaken our defences in this way. However, these are not normal circumstances."


The MOD has replied, dated 11th June 2019:


"Dear Mr Jenks,

Thank you for your correspondence dated 3 May 2019 to the Secretary of State for Defence, regarding your concerns relating to the United Kingdom’s nuclear deterrent. We have been asked to respond on her behalf.

As you note, the first responsibility of Government is the protection and defence of the UK and its citizens.

The nuclear deterrent is there to deter the most extreme threats to our national security and way of life, which cannot be deterred by other means. Successive UK Governments, including this Government, have concluded that for as long as nuclear weapons exist a nuclear deterrent is an essential part of our insurance against the uncertainties and risks of the future. The Government’s view is that we can best protect ourselves against substantial threats to our security by the continued operation of a minimum, credible nuclear deterrent. Accordingly, this Government has committed to maintain the deterrent and to continue with the programme to renew it. This was debated and approved by a significant majority (471 to 117) in the House of Commons on 18 July 2016.

As you will be aware there is no place in Britain for hatred against people because of their race, gender, ethnic origin, faith, sexual orientation, age or disability. We, therefore, draw your attention to the fact that this includes anti-Muslim attacks, which are unacceptable in Britain, and that your assertions based around the future demographics of our society are both unfounded and unwelcome.

Yours sincerely,

Defence Nuclear Organisation Secretariat "