Hellish 2050


Can you please help with the task?

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  • Download the artwork for the leaflet, and email it to your contacts. Ask them to pass it on.
  • Have some leaflets printed. Deliver them in your area. Hand them out at protests and rallies.

Printing leaflets is not expensive. For just £34.00 (at the time of writing) double sided, A5 size, you can order 1000 leaflets from


This is the leaflet:


I have been told by a supporter of Brexit that I should not be too critical of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

However, it is plainly obvious that the murderers of Fusilier Lee Rigby were motivated by the murderous teachings within Islamic scriptures. They wanted to kill a British soldier, because British soldiers were killing Muslims in Islamic countries. It really is not complicated to see it.

Yes, I too want Brexit to happen. It may be that Mr Johnson will force it to happen. Let us hope so. However I also would like Islam to be tackled honestly and openly. Not constantly be given excuses by prominent politicians for the mess that it creates.

Have a look at this video below about spotting liars. Note that when a liar thinks they are getting away with their lie, that they do smile. It is a well-known phenomenon called "duping delight". Then watch the video of Boris Johnson (POLITICIANS page) speaking after the murder of Lee Rigby. See how he is desperately trying not to smile during the statement. The murder of a soldier in broad daylight on a street in London is an extremely serious matter. It would naturally make any decent person angry. Not smiling, or trying not to smile.

I have visited the place where he was murdered. An unremarkable pavement by the corner of a street near the barracks. There is a memorial tree on a grassy area nearby. Sadness and anger. Sadness that he was killed, and how it must affect his family and friends. Anger that it is our lying politicians who are at the root of this happening. They blatantly refuse to acknowledge that Islam is the cause of the problem, they constantly make excuses for Islam, and they refuse to do anything meaningful to halt or reverse the Islamisation of the UK. To add insult to injury, they mockingly label anyone who does care as "far right". Not to get at the truth, but to hide it and to deflect attention.

Lying is a co-operative act. It may be that the public would prefer to believe a comfortable lie, rather than to face the harsh truth of the reality. The lie that it is "only a tiny percentage" of Muslims who wish us harm. Mainstream politicians are simply responding, and telling the lies that the public wants to hear. The reality is of course that it is indeed only a percentage of Muslims who would go ahead and stab us with knives, or to blow us up with bombs, or to run us over with vehicles. However, a number of opinion polls have found that a quarter to a third of Muslims in the UK would not report a Jihadi plot to the police, if they knew about it. Think about it. The willingness of politicians to lie, and the willingness of the public to believe these lies, will mean that this problem will never be adequately addressed. Unless we all start to be more honest. Honesty is hard, and it is uncomfortable. It is absolutely necessary if the problem is to be solved.


Watch this video about "duping delight":