Hellish 2050


Prominent politicians of the four main political parties in the UK (Brexit Party, Conservatives, Labour, and the Liberal Democrats) are failing to address the serious problem of Islam itself. They may use dishonest terms such as "Islamists", however, this is to avoid answering the key question: are the acts of terror done in the name of Islam, accurately following Islamic theology, or not? If we will openly and honestly study Islamic scripture, and examine the example that Mohammed himself set, can we in any way discount this possibility? Of course not.

Here are some examples of prominent politicians avoiding the question, or being downright dishonest regarding Islam:


Brexit Party (Nigel Farage)


Conservative Party (Boris Johnson)


Liberal Democrats (Nick Clegg)


Labour Party (Jeremy Corbyn)


If we are to have any chance of reversing the Islamisation of the UK, then the main parties must rapidly get up to speed on Islam, and undo their faulty modes of thought. If they will not do so, then they must be replaced by those who will be honest regarding Islam.

Time is rapidly running out. A calculation of demographic changes indicates that the "point of no return" may be within the decade 2030 to 2040, assuming the current rate of change persists. This is several decades before the point that there would be a 50% Muslim population.

It is extraordinary that the politicians of all four major parties in the UK are saying virtually the same thing about Islam, as though they are all reading from the same script. And despite the irrefutable evidence of the contents of the Koran and the Hadith, and the example of the life of Mohammed. There are courageous people who do tell the uncomfortable truth. However they do not exist in the main parties.


The For Britain Movement (Anne Marie Waters)


We are in danger of losing our country. The good, decent, silent majority  need to wake up to the existential threat that we face. And that the politicians of the main parties are 100% responsible for the dangerous state that we are in. And that voting for these parties will not reverse the problem.

Being passive is no longer an option. We must be supportive of those who do have the courage to speak out, such as Anne Marie Waters. Please do watch her in this video, and decide for yourself what your own next course of action must be.

As a minimum, please download "Abrogated Koran" and "Hellish 2050", and send them to your contacts. Write to your own MP, and tell them that it is not acceptable for their party to avoid discussing Islam honestly.

It would be great if you would also join For Britain, and support Anne Marie.


Here are the podcasts that she has recorded. Including one with me! Also please do listen to the others. There are members of For Britain who had been Muslims, and have turned away from it. Such people are extremely helpful for the cause of halting the Islamisation of the west. And hopefully halting it worldwide too. Everybody needs to be free of it, if there is to be any meaningful spread of human  rights and decent values in the world. And the fact of their membership of For Britain eloquently proves the point that this is in no way a racist party.

Deep Waters - The For Britain Podcast